Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is the stand-alone sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA), which was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen ThroneDota 2 is played in matches between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own separate base on the map. Each of the ten players independently controls a powerful character, known as a “hero”, who all have unique abilities and styles of play. During a match, a player and their team collects experience points and items for their heroes in order to fight through the opposing team’s heroes and other defenses. A team wins by being the first to destroy a large structure located in the opposing team’s base, called the “Ancient”.

Development of Dota 2 began in 2009 when IceFrog, the pseudonymous lead designer of the original Defense of the Ancients mod, was hired by Valve to create a modernized sequel. Dota 2 was officially released on Steam in July 2013 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux-based personal computers, following a Windows-only public beta phase that began two years prior. Despite some criticism going towards its steep learning curve and complexity, the game was praised for its rewarding gameplay, production quality, and faithfulness to its predecessor. The game initially used the original Source game engine until it was ported over to Source 2 in 2015, making it the first game to use it. Since its release, Dota 2 has been the most played game on Steam, with peaks of over a million concurrent players. The popularity of the game has led to official merchandise being produced for it, including apparel, accessories, and toys, as well as promotional tie-ins to other games and media. The game also allows for the community to create custom game modes, maps, and hero cosmetics, which are uploaded to the Steam Workshop.


Mental Energy

When we talk to other people about achieving goals, we often speak in terms that relate to energy. We think of ourselves as getting energized to get to work. Psychologists talk about the energy that is related to achieving goals as arousal.

Is this mental energy just a metaphor? That is, are these goals just energized in the mind, or does that energy translate to physiological energy in the rest of the body?

In one study, they looked at a method that Gabriele Oettingen and her colleagues have used many times in the past to study the arousal of goals. Their works shows that a good way to energize a goal is to do a mental contrast. First, think about the desired future that you want to achieve.Then, think about where you are right now related to that goal.  For people who believe the goal can be achieved, this mental contrasting is an effective way of energizing the goal. But, for people who believe that the goal is impossible to achieve, this kind of mental contrasting actually makes people less interested in achieving the goal.


Prior to the development of the drum set, the standard way that drums and cymbals were used in military and orchestral music settings was to have the different drums and cymbals played separately by different percussionists. Thus, in an early 1800s orchestra piece, if the score called for bass drum, triangle and cymbals, three percussionists would be hired to play these three instruments. In the 1840s, percussionists began to experiment with foot pedals as a way to enable them to play more than one instrument. In the 1860s, percussionists started combining multiple drums into a set. The bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, and other percussion instruments were all played using hand-held drum sticks. Drummers in musical theater shows and stage shows, where the budget for pit orchestras were often limited, contributed to the creation of the drum set because they tried to develop ways so that one drummer could do the job of multiple percussionists.


Psychedelic rock is a diverse style of rock music inspired, influenced, or representative of psychedelic culture, which is centered around perception-changing hallucinogenic drugs. Psychedelic rock is intended to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs, most notably LSD.

Psychedelic music emerged during the 1960s among folk and rock bands in the United States and Britain, creating the subgenres of psychedelic folk, psychedelic rock (or acid rock), and psychedelic pop before declining in the early 1970s. Numerous spiritual successors followed in the ensuing decades, including progressive rock, krautrock, heavy metal. Since the 1970s, revivals have included psychedelic funk, neo-psychedelia, and psychedelic hip hop, as well as psychedelic electronic genres such as acid house, trance music and new rave.

Blank page

We all have our own problems and shortcomings when it comes to writing, don’t we? We have our frustrations , little things that trip us up and hold us back from doing the work.  We all battle the blank page. This is normal, this fact of struggle. It’s what makes us human.We all encounter obstacles at times, some that even make us want to quit. So why don’t we share them? Why don’t we admit what we’re struggling with?

A fly

So much trust on humans, so much love for them,
So many betrayals I collect and so much to their fame,
But stupid I am for I know, I jump into the pit,
With hopes that maybe it wasn’t them, maybe it wasn’t their dig,
And every time the cracks of heart, they sear me with constant pain,
Like a fly I fly and hit the bulb, over and over again.


Favorite novel

 I was a book written in a language only I would understand,
but I wanted you to read me,
now I’ve broken my bones and scraped my skin,
to form into letters to be readable,
by you.
Read me and mark me as your favorite novel.

Can I take the mask off now?

One continuous question she’d ask,
“Can I take the mask off now?”
for she could breathe but not to her content
for the words she spoke were only mumbles to ears
for she’d forgotten how​ she really looked.
“Can I please take the mask off now?”
with a sharp glare they hushed
and forced was she to smile
to people
to strangers
to the flashes of uncountable gadgets.
Eternity of fake for she lived in hell,
none true self did she meet,
and everyday she’d smile the cursed lies
and everyday to masked life she’d wake.
The time does it’s job and amongst trophies so she stands,
watching reflections of her horrendous beauty,
for she’s scared now
scared of facing her one true self
for she did wrong her soul
for she did lie beneath the lies
for she trusted her heart not.
Now she sees her body turning to ashes
and the mask melting in her bones
And this time she questions herself
“Can I really take the mask off now?”


“I must not fear.Fear is the mind-killer.Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.I will face my fear.”

My parents signed me up in an army school. I knew my life was gonna change as i had never stayed away from my family. The hostel seemed enormous and full of facilities. It was like a whole new world in it. New faces, new rules, new place. I actually enjoyed it even though it was not less than a prison. I made new friends and was slowly adopting to the place.

One day few of the seniors were making my friends do push-ups for no reason and for the sake of my friends, i defended them. Then they told me to do push-ups. I did not agree. They yelled at me saying it was a total disrespect and they beat me. I thought it was just a bad day and they were just some bad bullies. But i was wrong, they were captains of the college and so they came to my room everyday and beat me. I could not complain as they were allowed to punish and order us. So, they would come searching for me after school and bully me. Sometimes i would run and hide .But i knew they were gonna get me tomorrow . I had to live with fear and i know that’s no way to live.

So, finally i decided to face my fear. I would walk into their room and then let them beat me. After they were done beating me I would say “Thank you brother”. They were surprised and laughed at me. This continued for days. One day, I don’t know if it was a miracle or something but they said to me that they were tired of that shit and said i was tough. They said they won’t bother me anymore and said “Sorry”. As soon as i left that room i felt like had won a war and from that point i realized fear can be defeated by facing it not by running away from it.